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Next Board Meeting – April 30, 2018 @ 7 PM

Sewer Issues (September 2017)

The Villas have had small isolated sewer issues for the last many months. It seems these incidents have increased and the association will now contact Charlotte County Public Works. The County have had sewage trucks on Elcam to suck out the sewer lines in the area.

The association have been informed by Charlotte County that Gertrude Avenue will be closed and sewer lines replaced. The association have not been informed when the work will begin but County personnel have indicated that the work should have begun early 2017.

If you are a resident or owner and experience sewer problem then please follow these steps;

  1. Contact a plumber or sewer specialist to find out if you have issues in or under the building. It is the owners responsibility to maintain and repair lines in the buildings and under the buildings.
  2. If your professional can attest that the problem is not in or under the building then please contact Charlotte County on (941)  575-5070 and report the sewer issue. With the known issues and the plans to change the sewer lines in Gertrude Ave. the County should be able to investigate and mitigate any sewer line problems on County ground.


  • No reports of sewer problems has been reported since September 2017
    The association ask owners to report any sewer related issue to the association.

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Sunshine Villas 21150 Gertrude Avenue Port Charlotte, FL 33952

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Sunshine Villas HOA, Inc. PO BOX 494016 Port Charlotte, FL 33949

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